We are providing online payment services for legal business. Our company pay your invoices and charge 7.5% of charges of the total amount paid by the company. We will provide proof of payment method to the banks/gateways on demand. If in any case, you request a refund our company refunds all amount sent by the bank or gateway but we do not refund our service charges. We have whitelisted and blacklisted some payment businesses as well. Here is a list of those;

Whitelisted Services

  • IT Services
  • IT Products (Domain hosting which is not offered by our company)
  • Digital Product purchasing (Themes plugins, codes, software)
  • Ticket Booking
  • Visa Fee
  • Google and Social Media Payments
  • Alibaba, Amazon, and relevant brands Payments

Blacklisted Services

  • Porn Sites 
  • Ilegal Products Purchasing
  • Gaming and Gambling Sites 
  • Bitcoin purchasing 
  • Recurring Services Payments
  • Banned countries in Pakistan’s gateways
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