Email is not the registrar of the domain. We resell domains of the third parties. By registering domain by us you agree on the following terms and conditions

  • If you do not verify your email your domain will be suspended
  • We provide a third party domain so once registered can not be changed
  • We do not offer any refund policy on Domain Product
  • If a domain is appearing registered and you know that it is not registered then approach us by contacting us
  • You are responsible for any illegible project on your domain
  • Most of the companies offer free domains for one year or offer cheaper rates for the first year. We offer the same price for the first time and onward but we do not provide and free domain.
  • Domain prices are controlled by the registrar and we try our best that we should not set any income formula on a domain.
  • You can use our domain to some other servers simply updating name servers or by requesting us by generating a support ticket.
  • You can request a domain deletion but this process does not offer any refund.
  • You can use the other party domains on our server. For this, you will have to update the name server of the domain from your registrar’s side. You will receive name servers in hosting welcome emails just like
  • .PK domains offer no EPP code or online transfer system. If you want to transfer a .pk domain you will have to follow the following procedure¬†
  • You will only be able to maintain the DNS zone on our end if you have hosting. Otherwise, you can only manage name servers on our end and for the DNS zone you will have to use your hosting account does not matter with any hosting provider.
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