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Affiliate Program-No Invesment Required
Earn up to 30% Straight Commission.
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First, you will have to signup on our customer portal. No need to purchase anything or pay for anything. No credit card is required.

Activate Affiliate

In the customer portal, after getting logged in, visit affiliate section  & activate your affilate by accepting our terms and condition.

Start Selling & Earning

Using that link, signup for your customer, place order ad get service activated. Our system will calculate your commission and show you in portals.

Get Paid By Us

Once you sell our services using affiliate link, our system shows you calcaulations of sale and your earnings in your own portals account under affiliate. Once 30 days over of a sale, you become eligible for funds withdrawls request. When you open a request a support ticket is generated in system and you can send us withdrawls account info. Our billing department verifies the info and account details and pay you within no time. 

Best thins is your customer does not know about your commission.

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Alternative Way

What if you don’t want to use an affiliate link?

Well, get us contacted via WhatsApp, get placed order from the customer himself, and let us know that this order is from your side or your customer, our staff will maintain your commission record manually and will pay it without any deduction.

Over 300 Active Resellers

and more on whatsapp are connected with us and earning handsome amount a month from our product selling directly by our brand.

No Investment Required

Easy Dashboard

Ideal for Web Designers

Affiliate Program is the simplest way to earn incentives through referrals by promoting our reseller program and all hosting products. Once you join our Affiliate Program, you will get a unique affiliate ID along with promotional material such as collaterals, coupons etc. You can promote Emaila's hosting deals and products through blogs, articles, write-ups with the help of this unique affiliate ID and promo material. Every time you talk about us, we will track the traffic coming on to our website through the unique affiliate ID. On every successful referral, you will earn great incentives.

You can promote us virtually everywhere online from your Website, Blog, Forums, Email Marketing lists, Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Quora & Twitter to online communities or wherever you feel we fit.

Off course get yourself registered on whatsapp and keep telling us your sales and we have no issue to pay you offline.

This is entirely upto you? You can earn millions as well by reselling products.

+923100081333 is a support number for offline resellers?

No not at all, everyone can resell our products and earn via affiliate without the knowledge of IT.